Yummy Popcorns with a side of Scarlett Johansson


The A-list Hollywood actress is reportedly opening Yummy Pop, a gourmet popcorn shop that serves, what else? Popcorn – but with a twist, with her French husband, Romain Dauriac.


Scarlett Johansson and husband, French writer Romain Dauriac

Scarlett Johansson and husband, French writer Romain Dauriac


The couple plans to open in other locations if their sweet and savory recipes are a hit.



A spokesman for Johansson has said that the Paris shop would close up shop after its Saturday initial opening to make small adjustments with lessons to be learned from customers before the grand opening, which would likely be before the end of the year.



The shop is located in Paris’ district of the Marais at 35 Bis Rue du Roi du Sicile. The business venture is a “dream” for Johansson, who, according to her Los Angeles based spokesman, loves popcorns, adding that the popcorns were freshly made with on-the-spot seasonal ingredients.


The 31 year old “Match Point” star will be offering a selection of delectable gourmet flavored popcorn to customers when her shop opens, added her spokesman.



Here’s a sneak peek at the different popcorn offerings:

Truffle Parmesan and Sage (the actress’ favorite)

Real Vermont Maple (daughter, Rose’s favorite)

Real Vermont Cheddar (husband, Dauriac’s favorite)

Sea Salt and Olive Oil

Strawberries and Cream

Chocolate Covered Strawberries



The couple collaborated with Ducks Eater and Harry’s and Ida’s chef, Will Horowitz in New York, on the savory offerings. Dauriac’s sister will reportedly be the manager of the shop.


The timing of the shop’s opening could not have come at a better time for both Johansson and Paris. According to a new research, the city is presently experiencing a surge of food trends influenced by America, all from coffee shops to the classic hamburgers and brunches, with about 70 percent of restaurants including them on the menu.

Sony Music Entertainment has new CEO


Second-largest record company in the world has a new CEO.

Rob Stringer



American music label and entertainment company, Sony, will have a new head come April, the record company has confirmed.



Veteran Sony Music executive Rob Stringer will be the new boss.


Rob Stringer


Rob Stringer is a seasoned Sony Music exec and will take the post in April. Sir Howard Stringer, Sony Corp.’s past CEO and chairman, is his older brother.




He is the current head of Columbia Records, also a Sony label, where popular music stars like Celine Dion, Calvin Harris and Bruce Springsteen are all signed. He will take over the post from Doug Morris, who will still be chairman of Sony Music, and will be under Michael Lynton, CEO of Sony Entertainment.

The change had been planned for a while now and is primarily because of Mr. Morris’s age. He is already 77 years old.


Fronting Sony Music at this rank is a big change for Mr. Stringer, who is adored by a lot of artists and is famous for his spontaneous style when making decisions, some music industry execs have said.


He is taking over the control just as the music industry demonstrates first indications of critical development in more than 15 years, as profit from streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music exceedingly compensates reduction in sales of downloads and CDs. Profit from recorded music in the U.S. increased more than eight percent in the first six months this year compared to last year, according to the RIAA.


Mr. Stringer started as marketing intern at CBS Records back in 1985, which is now part of Sony, and eventually leveled up to receive administrative posts at both Epic Records and Sony UK.


He helped Columbia turn into one of the most profitable record labels of the music industry.  He oversaw the launch of Adele’ “25” album in the US, which has surpassed domestic sales of 8 million, as cited by Neilsen Music.

Mr. Stringer with singer-songwriter Adele circa 2013

Mr. Stringer with singer-songwriter Adele circa 2013


He also supervised the release of” David Bowie’s “Blackstar” (his last studio album),  Beyonce’s “Lemonade” and Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories,” . That album won five Grammy’s back in 2014.


Mr. Stringer’s brother, Howard, served as Sony’s CEO for twelve years before he was taken over by present head Kazuo Hirai in 2012.

A new gadget for Asthmatics is in Bloom

Asthmatics may soon find themselves having a chic substitute to conventional (and sometimes cumbersome) inhalers.

the Bloom inhaler


There’s a new product called Bloom Inhaler and it is designed to fit the palm of your hand.



It is said to be the same size and shape of a credit card.


Doses of the asthma medication are transported via a small spout that flicks in place above a round hole at the top half of the inhaler; users position their mouths over the opening to apply a shot of the medication, same as when one applies to the regular inhaler.


Asthmatics can use any regular inhaler container can be used with Bloom, this according to the product’s official website. The gadget can fit six doses of medication, each distributed by pressing the trigger, and you can fill it again infinite times.


Unlike the usual, traditional designs which can be bulky and awkward to carry, the Bloom inhaler fits perfectly and effortlessly in your wallet. Its slim design also permits users to bring and use it discreetly.



This delicately designed device is just one of the many designs contending to be picked as the International Winner for the James Dyson Award 2016. The yearly contest encourages competitors to achieve imaginative resolutions to actual problems the world is facing, and commends excellence and ingenuity in design engineering.


James Cazzoli, Bloom Inhaler’s inventor, grew up with people who are severe asthmatics and that experience was what gave him inspiration to design the inhaler. He decided that a more modern inhaler design can help long-time sufferers of asthma feel less awkward in using their medication.


“Bloom” is an acknowledgement to the periodic activity of blooming flowers, which can trigger and worsen asthma symptoms, according to Cazzoli in an email to Live Science.

the traditional technique using the traditional inhaler

the traditional technique using the traditional inhaler

For some of those who suffer asthma who are accustomed to the “closed-mouth technique” wherein they purse their lips around the hole, Bloom’s technique wherein the user’s mouth is open and just near the dispensing nozzle but not closed around it, might feel clumsy doing it at first.  However, Cazzoli explained, the idea that doses will go astray if there isn’t a snug “closure” between the mouth and the inhaler’s mouthpiece is a misinterpretation. He went on to further explain that studies have shown that it does not matter whether one uses an open-mouth or closed-mouth methods in administering medicine as long as the user is dexterous.


Tests are presently ongoing to make sure that Bloom fits FDA requisites for security and dependability. At Bloom’s official website, the price is estimated to be $40. Bloom will not start accepting preorders until the FDA gives its approval.



Daniel Ek, CEO and Co-founder of Spotify

Daniel Ek, CEO and Co-founder of Spotify


It looks like one of the world’s biggest music streaming service, Spotify, will have a new chairman next year.

Co-founder Martin Lorentzon is said to be stepping down from his role as soon as next year, a spokesman for Spotify confirmed the news via email.  He served as chairman for the digital music service giant for 10 years.


Lorentzon’s co-founder, and presently the Chief Executive Officer of Spotify, Daniel Ek is taking over the role.


Martin Lorentzon will serve as vice-chairman. He said he is looking forward to another 10 years with the company working as vice chairman.


New role as chairman in addition to being CEO


Daniel Ek is spearheading the digital music streaming service giant as it gets everything set for public-market investors, taking on a rapidly increasing list of competitors like Apple, Amazon and Pandora.

Ek is taking a leaf out of Facebook’s  founder Mark Zuckerberg’s book  by keeping a tight control regarding not just the  direction but the leadership of their businesses as well, at the same time managing an increasing staff spreading all over Los Angeles, Stockholm, New York and London.


Spotify is in the middle of pivotal talks with companies in the record industry that will influence how much the music streaming service company pays to feature music on its service. The turnout will help decide whether or not the company can make a significant profit, as it presently pays the bulk of its revenue to labels and publishers in the form of royalties.


Last month, Spotify is said to have surpassed 40 million paying users, and has about 100 million monthly customers including its free products which are supported by advertisements. It produced more than $2 billion in earnings last year but remains gainless in terms of profit.

Rival Amazon revealed a standalone music-streaming service this week, undermining Spotify and another rival, Apple, with a price of $7.99 per month for its Prime members.


Lorentzon , with Skype founder and venture capitalist Niklas Zennstrom, erstwhile Finance Minister for Sweden Anders Borg and numerous other business heads, altogether united in signing an open letter asking for changes in tax, housing, education in Sweden and cautioned that if they don’t have these reforms, it could force businesses from the Nordic region’s biggest economy.

Spotify founders Lorentzon and Ek

 Spotify founders Lorentzon and Ek

Russia bans Bill Gates and Microsoft


Microsoft founder Bill Gates


No more patronizing of Microsoft products and Bill Gates                                                                 


Bill Gates and his company, U.S tech giant Microsoft, have both been banned from Russia. Mr. Gates been reportedly placed under the Federal Security watchlist.


Immediate removal of Microsoft software has been ordered by the Russian government and concerns over safety and trust were cited as the reason for the said ban.


The US tech giant had been caught closely observing millions of not just Russia’s citizens but also citizens of other countries, every move according to the Russian government’s spokesman Sergie Zheleznyak.


The official Kremlin spokesman has been quoted as saying that despite being a staunch supporter of democracy, the US has in fact been executing close observations on millions of citizens of Russia and other countries.


He believes that all the other internet firms formed in the US are also involved in this whole scenario, as ugly as it seem to be, and that these companies run on Russia’s territory.


Local industry as alternative


Russia’s Communications Minister Nikolay Nikiforov and Head of Information Technology for Moscow Artem Ermolaev, have both said that Moscow will use an email system created by Rostelecom PJSC, which is a Russian company, to replace Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server on tens of thousands of computers, as reported by Bloomberg.


Ermolaev said, software developed by another Russian software merchant, New Cloud Technologies, will be installed next year on millions of computer systems and locally designed versions of Microsoft Office and Windows will also replace the ones originally created and designed by the US tech giant.


Nikiforov also said that, the Russian government wants to spend taxpayers’ money and of those companies run by the state, primarily on local software. He added that beginning next year, Russian officials will be very strict on establishments run by the state that do not choose domestic substitutes.

Samsung: Total Recall


a damaged Galaxy Note 7 after its battery caught fire

Samsung, South Korea’s heavyweight technology firm, has stopped production of the  Galaxy Note 7 (its topnotch product) for good after written accounts regarding the gadgets it previously considered safe, had batteries exploding once again.

The company had already recalled approximately 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones back in September and had now already decreased volumes of the said smartphone model’s production.

Consumers handing back their phones and getting reimbursed or replaced with a different phone model is already expected and Samsung is ready to do all that. The company had previously stated that it had pulled the Note 7’s off the shelves as the company’s top priority and main concern is still consumer safety.

Financial analysts feared that this very unfortunate turnout of events could not only lose consumer support and double the doubts about the quality control of the company but could also give enormous damage to the brand. It is bad enough that shares of Samsung had its biggest daily percentage descent since 2008 as it closed down 8 percent, which is nearly $25 billion off of the firm’s market value.

The primary reason why consumers favor companies like Samsung and its rival, Apple, is because of the reliability of their products. Occurrences such as this can damage the brand and could cost Samsung in the long run. The Note 7 was supposed to be the company’s answer to Apple’s iPhone 7.

Samsung has stated that it had pre-orders of almost 50,000 Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in Europe. The device was never released for sale in the United Kingdom.

Although some analysts have stated that this issue would eventually ease off as long as Samsung handled the product recall satisfactorily and kept consumers very happy, there are still others that beg to differ saying that is very far from the case and could prompt a huge loss of confidence in Samsung products.

Kim Kardashian-West robbery: A taint in France’s tourism industry?

One would presume there are places in the world where tourists feel safe. And not just any tourist but for famous people who can afford to have bodyguards follow them about. Paris, I would personally think, is one of those places. That changed, however, when one of the most prominent public figures in the word, Kim Kardashian-West, in Paris, France for fashion week shows, was bound and gagged inside her Paris hotel bathroom while 5 masked robbers, dressed as police officers, ransacked the place and stole an estimated $10 million worth of valuables from the reality tv star. The entire ordeal took 6 minutes. Six minutes, $10 million and most likely years of trauma for Kardashian-West.  It has also been reported that she thought she was going to be sexually assaulted. The mom of two is still badly shaken from the incident.

Conspiracy theories have been thrown all over the internet regarding the robbery. Some thought it was an inside job and for others, a publicity stunt orchestrated by the star’s team.

The incident has raised questions regarding security in France. It has been reported that the men are still at large and french police are still investigating and analyzing the surveillance footage surrounding the Hôtel de Pourtalès. The Keeping Up With The Kardashian star has flown back to the United States, staying in her New York apartment with husband, Kanye West. The rapper was doing a show at the Meadows Music and Arts Festival in New York at that time. Their children, North, 3 and Saint, 9 months, were not with the reality tv star at the time of the incident.


Donald Trump Dives into Hillary’s Traps

There’s an iconic scene at the end of the black 1980s comedy classic “Heathers” in which Veronica (Winona Ryder), watches J.D. (Christian Slater), an occasionally wonderful but generally terrifying psychopath, blow himself up. J.D., who bragging about how the entire world doesn’t regard him enough and is forever ranting, had meant to ruin their high-school along with his blast. Veronica was able, through wonderful work, to stop him. Successful , she waits, puts her cigarette in her mouth and watches while lighting her smoke as J.D.’s blast destroys him.

That’s how a general election debate between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump played out.

She staked out freely progressive jobs over a variety of problems, which range from job creation to criminal justice reform (her comments about implicit prejudice and the evils of stop-and-frisk plans went around particularly nicely together with the Nyc audience). She emphasized, to her website with recurring recommendations, that she’s the customer who really has coverage plans to have things done in place of fuzzy, hyperbolic promises.

Clinton did precisely what she had a need to do during this first controversy, although the senior high school that is our nation isn’t safe yet: She recognized herself as peaceful, clever and presidential and after that stood calmly by while her opposition blew himself up.

Being an experiment, I eschewed reading Twitter or viewing article-argument analysis on cable information in order to watch the proceedings in a loaded pub in Brooklyn. Those in the group wasn’t a cross section of America, to make sure, however they were precisely the liberal platform that Clinton has to get enthusiastic for November.

However it was obvious that Clinton’s definitive goal goaded Trump into proving that no level of asking or teaching from aides may convert Trump in the narcissistic hothead he is into an individual who might be trusted using the nuclear codes and revealing his legitimate home. The program worked, and from Clinton’s triumphant and eminently GIF-ready shake in the middle of the debate, it’s clear that she knew it.

Trump started the controversy eschewing his screaming to get a halfhearted imitation of exactly what a sensible statesman managed that composure to get a massive 10 units, perhaps 15 and appears like. Then Clinton rolled her bit of bait out.

“You know, Mark was extremely blessed and that’s all to his reward. “He started his company with $14-million, borrowed from his father, and he really thinks the more you enable wealthy people, the higher off we’ll be and that everything will work out from there.”

Clinton went on to detail how she’d choose to invest in the center course, and from then it had been game on. Trump took the trap, providing an angry defense of his father’s giving money to him. And with the plug the incoherent ranting lunatic he rarely contained inside came pouring out.

As well as the angrier Trump got, the well informed Clinton turned (as you do as soon as your carefully laid plans blossom into glorious fruition). She was not also unable to display a number of zingers, that are not specifically her strong suit.

Credit goes to moderator Lester Holt, who mainly steered from questions that a great number of writers oversight for tough questions, leaning more toward openended, coverage- oriented questions. Because answering such questions, conservatives can without doubt be mad requires coherence and an ability to clarify the facts, two capabilities Trump hasn’t learned. But it’s worth remembering that is a presidential contest not just a kindergarten class. If Trump can’t manage the fundamentals to be a politician, the voters need to find out that.

One of the most telling section of the debate was the long change about competition and criminal justice. Clinton stressed the worth of nuanced policies that balance the need for safety with protecting human rights: teaching police to address bias, finishing the individual prison system, enacting gun-safety steps to reduce violent crime, getting rid of unfair required minimum sentences and doing more to help people with mental health issues in order that they don’t end up in ugly encounters with police.

Trump, on the other hand, said that “African-Americans, Hispanics are living in hell” and compared residing in significant American towns to surviving in a “war-split country.” then advised that black voters are a bunch of dupes who’ve “been abused and found in order to acquire votes by Democrat politicians.”

Because Holt asked when this occurs it got a whole lot worse for Trump him the question that numerous folks have been demanding:

Mr. Trump you perpetuated a false claim that the nation’s first leader was not an all natural-born citizen. You asked his authenticity. Within the last handful of weeks, you identified what many Americans have acknowledged for decades: The president came to be within the United States. Can you inform US what required you so long?
As opposed to answer the concern, Trump rolled out an incoherent right wing conspiracy theory blaming the 2008 Clinton strategy of starting the birther action. (It didn’t, and her plan was careful about firing people that spread the gossip).

Clinton knew better than to dispute a conspiracy theory that’s regarded only to people that refresh Breitbart’s site on their display all day long.

He then crowed, “She didn’t obtain the birth certificate. Once I got concerned, I didn’t fail. I got him to provide the beginning certificate.”

Alternatively, she answered by saying, “Well, simply listen to what you heard.”

She subsequently advised the audience that she’d been working for President Obama when Trump dogged him about his birth certificate which Trump has a heritage of being prosecuted from the Office of Justice for racial discrimination.

His response? The match was completed by “We settled the suit with zero — with no admission of guilt. It was very easy to do.”

After which again, for emphasis, he added: “Because that was a lawsuit brought against several property firms, although that lawsuit completed without admission of shame, and it’s one among those things.”

Perhaps “no entry of guilt” must be the Trump motto. It’s a specific ring to it.

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